chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Monday, September 25, 2006

i hate guns.

let's get rid of them!

go to
guns are stupid

and add YO FACE to the petition.

"There are approximately 639 million small arms in the world today.
Eight million new weapons are produced every year.
Nearly 60 per cent of small arms are in civilian hands.
The annual number of bullets produced is more than double the world's population"

well rounded

it's true.
i am.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


i am very very sorry i have not posted. missy toto and michelle, thank you for putting up with me. i hope this will make things better.

so. because i have never done this before, i am going to tell you what i did today. that's right. just like one of those annoying blogs that tell you the same thing every day. (but don't worry, i will only do it this once).

- i woke up at 6.50, then went back to sleep. then i dreamed about my cat meowing at me, and she actually was so i woke up and chatted to her for a bit. unfortunately i could not get up and cater to her whims because i had a horrible horrible headache, so she went off to yell at mum.
- awhile later i adventured to the bathroom for water and pain killers, then got back into bed where i read a large portion of E.M. Forster's Howards End.
- at 10 i decided my hair was gross so i had a shower and then tried staightening my hair when it was wet. this did not go well: there was a lot of steam and it freaked me out.. so i waited till it got more dry before i made more straight.
- i read some more, then my grandparents came so i got to talk to them for a bit, before i ran off to catch bus to vic.
- went to ENGL 209: The Novel, lecture. I stayed awake but mentally i slept through most of it. i came to a few tangential epiphanies, such as: english literature is stupid, i should be saving the world, or at least learning about something useful like politics, maybe i should reconsider my degree structure (for the two-millionth time), maybe i should go to bible college, i really just want to go back to high school, wow if university was high school then i would be at the end of 6th form, which means that at the end of last year i should have been insane (true) and right now i should be the most ultimate teacher's pet and doing really well in all my subjects (not true).
- evenutually the lecture ended, and i ran outside just in time to catch a bus to work. when i got to work sarah said something horrible to me (as per usual) and i told her how much i appreciate having her as a friend ( :D ).
i got heaps of work done, we pretended to have a team meeting (well it was, just we were in a cafe..), and sarah did amazing things with boxes and fancy computer programmes. i spent a lot of time choking and dealing with this crazy lady who had the wrong number but just kept re-calling it and re-calling it.
- after some email funness and much hilarity from mr wright, me and sarah got to leave work and go to a gymnastics movie with kate and teri and diana - w00t!! it was funny and it had silly boys and quotes like "i'm going to prom!" and "it's not gym-NICE-tics."
- then we were all girly and went to a cafe and giggled lots. we learned about diana's interesting taste in tables, teri's secret desire to join the circus, and how easily All Saints church could be turned into a gym...
- then we said goodbye to diana and drove to karori and then... I DROVE!!! i got to drive up birdwood street all the way to my house, and i didn't crash once! i have concluded that automatic is the only way to go when it comes to cars and i neeeeeeed one (i thought you looooooooooved me).
- my cat did a poo _next_to the toilet! it was hilarious. she came into my room looking totally guilty, then i went to the toilet and lo and behold...
mum wasn't quite as impressed as i was.
- then i turned on my computer and checked my computer and was compelled to write this post, all because YOU, my dear readers, so nicely urged me to :)
next i must read some 2 samuel, put tessa to bed and finish Howards End.

ah yes, all in a days work.
10.15, the night is still young! and i have diet coke!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

two teeth

today i had two wisdom teeth pulled out.
i think this means that i have lost half of my wisdom.

so don't expect anything profound from this blog.

on the plus side, i got my teeth given to me in this real cool little box that is shaped like a tooth, and one of the teeth is all gnarly because the dentist had to dig it out from under my gums.
i like teeth.
ooh, and i have express orders to take lots of drugs today. it pleases me.
i had a nice nurse, she sat there saying nice things the whole time like "you're doing really well" and "you are being so brave." it made me feel like i was seven again, which was brilliant.

the injections were freaky though. the dentist gave me some numbing gel first so it wouldn't hurt so much, but it did. though the scariest thing was before he started doing anything, and he explained the procedure to me. "oh, and because the lower tooth is so close to the nerve there is a possibility you may have some permanent numbness in your lip (i just have to warn you)": AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!
fortunately i have pretty much given up any ideas of opera singing which i may have once had. still.

right now though, half of my mouth is numb which is weird cos there is all this blood in there that i can't swallow, and i keep biting my tongue which looks really gross when i look in the mirror but i don't feel anything.
i recommend dental surgery to everyone. it is so novel!
and i feel incredibly lucky that i live in a country where i have access to it. and aenesthetic.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

late notice. sorry.

this evening i am being confirmed, at all saints' church in hataitai, 6pm, and if you are reading this you are cool enough to be there :D
confirmation means lots of things for me: it is a reaffirmation of the vows that my parents made for me when i was baptised as a baby; it is a chance for me to publicly acknowledge my faith and the journey i have made/am making in my walk with God, and my commitment to live my life for him. it is also a kind of commissioning to take my faith out into the world and share it more with others (what i like to call being "salty"). (though i definitely like sugar better than salt...maybe it should be "sugary"....or "paprika" - yes! i will be paprika.)

Saturday, September 02, 2006