chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Monday, July 31, 2006


31 is a prime number. you can make no fun number tricks with it, like you can with 36. except for one:
3 cubed = 27. which is my birthday. and my brother michael's. and jakob's.
if you then add 1 to the 2, and take 1 away from the 7, you get 36, which is the most perfect number ever!
when i am 31, anyone who is 31 now will be 41. and if they had a son, he will be 10.
huggies will be 34, then 35. (not quite 36 but almost.)
1931 was the year before my nana was born. and my nana is fantastic.
it was also the year that the british writer arnold bennet died in paris when he drank local water to prove it was safe to drink.
at 115 ironside road there reside 3 people and 1 piano.
there are 3 animals and 1 mailbox.
how many times does 3 go into 1? 1/3!!
31 is a centered triangular number, a centered pentagonal number and centered decagonal number.
it is the atomic number of gallium.
(from huggies): "3+1=4..which is an even number..? and the number of people in my family. and the number of cats i'm going to have when i'm a cat lady (at least to start off with)"
messier object M31 is a magnitude 4.5 galaxy in the constellation andromeda. it is also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, and is readily visible to the naked eye in a modestly dark sky. modest.
31 is the code for international direct-dial phone calls to the netherlands.
in family guy, the griffin house is number 31 spooner street.

and all these things quite naturally lead me to think of ben..
ben is 31 today!
buddy, i am sure you can see by all that is written here that you have grown quite naturally grown into the number 31. i mean, when i think of gallium, poisonous french water, and the netherlands, i think of you :)
have a lovely last 1 hour and 19 minutes of your birthday, and i wish you a lovely next 31 years.

of course, in 31 years time you will probably spend most of your time on a rocking chair on the back porch, happy with no teeth, slurping on a peach, with a two string on your lap, chicken on the drums, and fifeteen hundred bass drum luggin' bug eyed monkeys.....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

old person teeth

now i am going to get my root canaled.
i am a wee bit scared.
also this will mean the end of my mouth pimple, which i have grown quite fond of.
i do hope my dentist is proficient at stabbing mouths with needles. if not, if i can never speak again, this is my fond farewell... which is written so it doesn't count..

Monday, July 24, 2006

there's no place like home

i suppose you want me to write something new..
fair enough.

"i'm odysseus, from ithaca.
ithica's odysseus' home."
"daddy's in pieces in the bath"
"my little brother has been done great wrong. my little brother thinks i'm really strong."
"i want a war! i want a war! i want a war with all the frills! i want a war! i want a war! i want a war that really kills!"
"what do you think daddy's doing right now? do you think he's being brave?"
"i've the most beautiful face you've ever seen..i've the most beautiful face you've ever seen."
"the most beautiful woman in the world went off, and i lost iphigeneia"
"sometimes a girl just wants to get old...sometimes eternity, just like maternity, sometimes eternity sucks"
"what's with the horse? what's with the wooden horse? where does it come from, why did they make it? we won the war why shouldn't we take it?"
"welcome to our greek palladium!"
"one tree, one rock..."
"with just a little trickery..."
"go to bed dear...say your prayers dear...."
"a son is just a son, but he was hector"
"lover...i need your hold, i feel so cold.."
"i loooove yoooou" "i love yoooouuu" i neeeeeed yoooou" "i need you too" "i miss you most!"
"pigs! men are pigs!"
"we three graces three!" "sowee!"
"eris means trouble... no, it really does! you see, eris is greek for trouble"
"tiiiiiiime is all we have together"
"softly, softly, baby's sleeping...but this baby's not for keeping..."
"don't look over there! look over here! i'm calypso!"
"when you're in love, nothing matters."
"sad mad cassandra.."
"these tenors need a BASS"
"you can't have it all, pride comes with a fall, we're all on our own, there's no place like home!"

with many many thanks to paul jenden and gareth farr.
phew! what an emotional roller coaster.
i love it! with VENGEANCE!
(and also i love aidan bell and sarah lineham. you guys are legends.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

me not

i have nothing intelligent to say this week.
i used it all up on serialism, constitiutions and stoopid sonata form.
and might someone be so kind as to explain to me what is the big deal about estates not being entailed or being entailed, and why can't they change who it is entailed to? it seems like a pretty silly rule to me. but then, not being allowed to get married after 12pm is perhaps equally silly. i should revel in the silliness. it is where i thrive.

so instead of sounding clever like i usually do, i will subject you all
songs! yes. my opinions of.

i like KT. she takes up most of my top 25 most played list. the others are:
kt-black horse+cherry tree
kt-under the weather
kt-stoppin the love
kt-miniature disasters
james blunt-fall at your feet (my apologies to anyone with taste).
kt-heal over
kt-other side of the world
kt-suddenly i see
kt-flase alarm
kt-silent sea
bic runga-drive
david gray-l's song
jack johnson-better together
kt-another place to fall
jars of clay+switchfoot-let that be enough
kt-through the dark
jack johnson-banana pancakes
jack johnson-sitting, waiting, wishing
jars of clay-my heavenly
katie melua-i think it's going to rain today
switchfoot-adding to the noise

this list surprises me a bit. i definitely did not realise i listened to elevation so much. but it is a good early-morning song. you need good early morning songs to get you out of bed and down to the bus stop.

Monday, July 10, 2006

that bell

oh the bell. the bell.
i liked it on the first morning because i did not know what to do and the bell told me to go places. and it reminded me of happy primary school days.
but then i got contrary and decided i was better than the bell. there was no "now you get to go hide in your room" bell.
(i made up that bell. it sounded in my head whenever it looked like things were not happening.)
at one point me and huggies had brilliant plans to kidnap the bell and hold it hostage. but we were thwarted when we realised that it was closely guarded. and we were unsure as to whether there was one bell or actually two: the second being even more deadly than the first. if we were to kidnap the bells and put them to silence, we would have to attack both at once. and there were not sufficient quantities of chocolate to fuel such a daring mission.
the lack of time knowledge would have also made any sort of reconaissance extremely risky. "i will meet you in...THIS much time".
so we decided to allow the bells their stupid fun.
but only this time.

the bell did please me in one way though - i got to stop living according to my watch. i was fine with the early mornings because hey, i had no idea how early it actually was! it could have been 4am or 8am, i had no idea. so it didn't matter! ah yes, letting other people make decisions for me.. i should do it more often.. just as long as their decisions are inclined towards sleep, hiding and washing.

la la la la la la la la la SLAKE!!!!!!
goodnight! goodnight!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


me and huggies have an announcement to make:
turns out we are girls.
like, real girls.
we are excited about this.