chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

procrastination at all time high

i was thinking about the word 'tip' the other day.

see, i was in a toilet in old kirk and reading one of those posters they put up on the toilet doors (i love having something to read...). it was about recycling i think, and it was talking about saving happy valley - "the beach part, not the tip".

now at this point i was a little confused, thinking, "but surely the tip would be the beach, that is the bit that sticks out the furthest.." but then i remembered that tip is also the word my mum taught me to use as a child, meaning "place-where-the-rubbish-goes".

i now think of it as the southern landfill because i am boring and old. but being reminded of that word made me giggle. the tip. tip.
tip tip tip.
i mean, what a great name for a rubbish dump. the tip. "i'm off to the tip!" "just take it to the tip."

it made me wonder where the word came from. i think it is a new zealandism? maybe from "to tip the rubbish into the dump"? and from here i realised for such a short, silly word, tip certainly has a lot of responsibility.

- it is a rubbish dump.
- it is the outer precipice of something "the tip of the island/knife/tongue"
- it is what you give to a waiter/bellboy (money)
- it is a good idea or piece of advice you passs on to someone "let me give you a tip" "101 great gardening tips"
- it is what you do when you empty the contents of a container "tip out the bucket" "tip the melted butter into the bowl of sugar and mix well"
- it is what you do when you throw things "tip the microwave off the cliff"
- finally, it is the edge or verge of something "on the tip of insanity". this is kind of like the outer precipice definition, except more like a straight line or a fence rather than a point or steep curve.

you may be wondering what the point of this is. well, there is none really. just that words are cool and i am avoiding the desk where my homework is laid out all ready for me to stare at for the next four hours...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

need to get a bike

i would like to apologise for anything i may or may not have said last night.
i was stupid.
i reckon chocolate probably had something to do with it.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

while love the 'ousemaid lights the kitchen fire

my cat is so cute but she is also looking all anxious and panicked but in a cute way, i think she wants to go to th toilet but she hates to go outside and get cold and wet and dirty so she is just trying to hold it in for as long as she can, i have beauty and the beast stuck in my head it is good i love that movie but the problem is that it gives me irrational ideas about producing and starring in broadway musicals, my brother michael is wearing white pants it is funny i think they are for cricket, i am meant to be doing some kind of essay or maybe three but writing is hard especially when i DON'T HAVE A BEDROOM only a bed in the computer room no privacy or work space ever and so i am already ridiculously behind only two weeks in to the semester and i'm not sure how much longer i can deal with the lack of being tidy and organised and having personal space WHO DO THEY THINK I AM little miss doesn't-mind-having-all-her-things-scattered-randomly-around-the-house-and-not-being-able-to-find-anything-ever? people are yelling and moving mysteriously sourced blue mattresses around my house i am so confused i wonder where my glue is oh golly it is almost 12 already where did the morning go? it is okay thought this means the horror that is saturday morning (sarah you were so right) is lmost over and i can start worrying about the afternoon, of course is also means i have successfully procrastinated all morning when will this end? successfully has three lots of double letters, i don't know how many mattresses has i am pretty sure that i spelt that one wrong but i won't look it up i will leave it for you lovely folk to ruminate over yesterday was rose's 21st birthday happy birthday rose! wow you are so old it is getting scary i have to start thinking about the looming terror that is my 21st maybe i could not turn 21 just have a 5th anniversary of my 16th wow 5 years is a long time was it really that long ago now you'd think i would be over it ha ha ha ho ho i wish i had wings then i could fly home from church or maybe just a bike i could be the best bike rider ever except that i would smell bad all the time and i really do not like the sound of that what i need is some kind of portable shower, or maybe some kind of bike that does not make me smelly and will not give me helmet hair oh marvelous illusion, oh terrible surprise what is this strange confusion that veils my aching eyes - 'tis 12, i think.

Monday, March 06, 2006


there is nothing rational in my head today

Saturday, March 04, 2006


i am meant to be checking my email and writing on my blog but i can't stop playing freecell. yes sarah, while you feel guilty for not cleaning windows i just feel guilty for playing too much freecell.
which i probably should. i have been playing for at least an hour now and even though my feet are freezing and i need to replace my sticky plaster and do onesies (yes i have been watching too much scrubs) i cannot stop cannot stop the freecell so good so many cards need to be put into their places. in fact i am finding it more and more difficult to write this post because everytime i write a sentance i have to go and play another 10 games of freecell and it doesn't help that i am on a roll. a roll of freecell fun!! jelly filled!! i wish i wasn't jelly filled.

do you spell them doughnuts or donuts?