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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

because I care

It’s my birthday soon, and I always like it when people have a birthday and they tell me things they need so that I can get them something useful. So now I present you, dear readers, with a list that will hopefully answer that burning question you all have: “what should I get Natalie for her birthday?”

I know how hard it must be for you to not know, to be searching your mind and coming up with no answers, lying awake through sleepless nights agonizing over the perfect gift. It must be so hard for you.

So really, I do this because I care.

Some are things that I need, some are things that I ‘need’ and some are things that I just want.

I have included lots of options, for all tastes and styles :P

V (sugar free)
Classic Scrabble (with wooden bits. very important.)
A painting or drawing or collage or photo that I can put on my wall.
iPod classic
Defensive driving course
A nice boyfriend
Full House season 4
Write me a song!
A Wellington road book for my car
A Pacific-centered map of the world for my wall
A massage
Cool t-shirts – like H initiative (especially this one and this one.)
Stuff for flatting
Goats, donkeys and chickens.
Flannel pyjamas (must be cool)
Dark green ‘crochet cable knit’ beret from the Warehouse. (yes, that one is specific. It is a cool beret! It even has a matching scarf…)

High School Musical soundtracks #1 and #3
Juno soundtrack
Sigur Ros

If you like the idea of vouchers, here are some places that I would like to use them:
Manna (books, cds, bibles)
Jacqui e (for buying nice clothes to wear to work)
iTunes (for buying music. It fuels the addiction.)
The Warehouse (for buying things for my flat.)

Or you could give money to other people who will use it better than me, like these guys:
World Vision