chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

me talking about things (mainly myself)

i like my cat and i just lie
all those other cats make me cry

well. other cats are okay.

but my cat is the best!! she is so sweet and very pretty and super cuddly and she is my best friend.

i am at work but i am not working. soon me and sarah are going to go to ballet. then after that i get to go home to my cat.

tomorrow is my friend kate bear's last day at work. it is sad that she is leaving but i am glad that she is moving to where she wants to be. we will miss you kate bear!!

junior choir starts again next wednesday! it is exciting to be getting back into things. also next week is orientation week at vic, we have a lot of exciting things planned. and i get to see my CU friends again! also my music friends: this year i have just two papers left that i have to do, Music in the Renaissance Period and Music in the Romantic Period. and then i get a degree! i think vanessa is doing the romantic music paper with me which will be really nice.

there is a lot of exciting things happening this year.

Dear God
Be good to me,
The sea is so wide
And my boat is so small.

this weekend will be pretty busy as well, with hen parties, meetings, last minute plans for next week and music stuff at church on sunday night. and hopefully a lot of sleep..

Dear God,
When I don't know the right answer,
please help me ask the right question.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

places to go on the internet

good evening and happy Waitangi Day!

my day was fantastic: I went to my Grandad's 80th birthday party, then escaped to the beach with the Huggies where we went SWIMMING!! Then I drove home all the way from Lyall Bay, and in the process did my first ever three point turn and parallel park!!
Then Dave came to my house and we watched House (heh) and played guitar...speaking of Dave and guitar, Dave has recorded some of his songs and put them up on his myspace page! Most were recorded in just one take, by his computer in his room. impressive..of course. Check it out here

I have also been playing with youtube for the first time...ever... and have found some fun things.

first, for music types, or for anyone who hates pachelbel's canon like I do: pachelbel rant

Crazy blond guy in jacket is scared to share his faith - comedy ensues:
Eight reasons why I don't share my faith

and here is one for everyone: cats!