chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Monday, November 27, 2006

somebody's having a birthday today...


jakob a year ago(ish)...

jakob today...

that's right, he gets bigger and more like a boy everyday...but is still really really ridiculously good looking :D

Monday, November 20, 2006

missy toto

i am very sorry to report that our dear friend missy toto is soon to depart this fair country for an undetermined length of time.

she travels to ireland next week for exciting new career, friendship and husband opportunities :D

so i hereby declare this week missy toto week.

missy toto, is there anything in particular we can pray about for you? ie. help in finding a place to live/job?

everyone else, your task is to write your favourite things about/memories of missy toto.

we will miss you lady!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


it's that time of year again: the time when it rains a lot but it also starts getting warmer.
this means two things:
- bees
- worms

you see, i don't know why (maybe someone science-y can tell me) but this is the time of year where i see struggling bees on the ground all the time. i don't know if it's too hot for them or if they're learning how to fly or their wings get wet, but for some reason there are a whole lot of dead or stuck bees on the footpaths and roads in spring.

so now i implore you: help me save the bees.

when you see one on the ground, gently coax it onto your finger (or a stray leaf if you are scared of stingings, but i have never been stung once and i have been doing this for years.) gently carry the bee to somewhere shady, preferably where there are yummy flowers to eat. i don't know if this helps, but it is definitely better than just leaving them on the ground to die or be stepped on. (i also like to put dead bees out of the way so that no one treads on them, usually they get buried under some leaves.)

similarly, all this spring rain washes the worms onto the concrete. i like to pick them up using a stick (cos they are a bit slimy) and put them somewhere that people won't step on them and they can bury back underground where it is nice and cool.

yup, it takes a little bit of effort, and yes, some people do look at you like you are nuts....
but it is so worth it - you have are saving a life!!
God made the bees and the worms and they are a precious and beautiful part of his creation too. let's look after them! God wants us to be caretakers of this earth - and part of that means looking after the tiniest of his creatures.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i was trying to find songs that have natalie in the lyrics, but i can't.
i DID find, however, that there is this 'Latina superstar' from Houston known as Natalie. freaky... and dang it! - she stole not only MY right to be known simply as 'natalie' when i am famous, but a potential awesome domain name:

but that is beside the point. my point is, i want to know about all the songs that have my name in them!! (apart from believe me natalie by the killers.)

10 points to anyone who can give me the title and artist of a song about natalie.
this does not include the songs which i have written about myself :D