chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Monday, May 29, 2006

dj natalie hits the quad

no desperate housewives tonight. what to do?
well i solved two problems at once by writing a list during an incredibly boring lecture of what i need to do this evening. it is working out well. one of the things on my list was write more blog, i am sorry for the delay between posts.

today (and most of the rest of the week) i get to sit in the quad and try to sell ball tickets, and be in charge of the music that is played to the entire quad! it is wonderful. my ipod has supreme control. today we had erasure, jars of clay, switchfoot, the lads and brown eyed girl. tomorrow i have big plans involving the presidents of the usa, and hi 5.
any requests please let me know ;)

i am old now. i became old somewhere between waikanae and otaki. i have been given some lovely things, including cheeky parrot suspenders and real life physical brick game (called blokus). brilliant. thank you all for making it an extra special day for me :)

i have been told that i ought to forget the contacts and wear glasses because it would make me look like the super intellectual (and hot) type. i trust your opinions. what are your opinions? what is your opinion, ms 30 year old?

Monday, May 22, 2006

essay status: done

i feel like information is coming to me from everything and it is too much to process so it mainly gets put into storage until i have time. it is almost always left in storage. either that or it gets put on a list. i don't know what i would do without lists. probably nothing would ever get done and i would forget everything. here is a list of things that please me so that i will never forget what i was pleased about on may 22 2006:

- i get to have coffee with a very lovely lady called anna this week
- i get to go to a very lovely lady's birthday party this weekend
- i am almost a real birthday. so for one day, i will not be a fraction of a year old but a whole entire year. pretty cool.
- there is a new but secretive reader of my blog which pleases me very much. keep reading!! and comment!! (yup, now you have been mentioned three times :)
- i handed in three things today, two of those things being the last things i needed to do for a paper!! only one essay and one exam to go...
- i have the best friends and family ever!
- i think rory and lorelai may reconcile real soon (on gilmore girls), i will be so pleased when they do. when. i hope she gets rid of that nasty logan though..
- plans for youth alpha camp are really starting to come together. it is going to be awesome!
- christian wears a thong
- i talked to someone in my lecture today. like, actually talked! and didn't sound insane!
- my mummy is taking me out for coffee tomorrow.
- i have sarah hughes on my ipod!
- i get to tell sarah what to do on friday!
- i finally learned how to spell available!!!!
- hamish. hamish, you are cool.

things that do not please me:
- i used far too many exclamation marks in that first list. sorry.
- hamish cannot come to camp. stinkers. we will miss him!
- christian wears a thong.
- logan (more like schmogan).
- sarah's cooties. (yup, sarah has cooties. they are icky, i would stay away from her if i was you).

Monday, May 15, 2006

this cold thing

it is cold!!!

we had to bring the chooks inside because they were so cold in their box thing. they are in a washing basket beside the heater. they are quiet but every once in awhile they will make noise which gets tessa all excited because she fancies herself quite the bird hunter, then she realises they are just chickens (she only likes chickens when they are dead and on a plate) and runs back to the heater. tessa gets very cold, especially since she is an old lady. she doesn't just sit in front of the heater, she kind of leans into it. i'm a bit worried that one day she will cook herself. but it is also nice because when it is cold she snuggles right up to me in bed and is very very cute.

being cold does not lend itself well to essay writing. i could sit at the computer and write my essay. or i could write on my blog complaining about the cold. or i could give up and go sit by the heater in the living room and watch desperate housewives..

today i had a lecture on some vivaldi sonatas. it was good because i had almost forgotten the brilliance of that man. if you want to not feel so cold, go put on some vivaldi poste haste!

other music that makes you warm:
jars of clay - jars of clay
sarah mclachlan - afterglow
juliagrace - julia grace
altan - best of 1987-1993
jewel - spirit
(forgive me seph) certain creed songs
mariah carey - emotions, MTV unplugged, music box, daydream

i know there are others, please make suggestions!

Monday, May 08, 2006

teeth schmeeth

it is time for my annual dental examination.
they don't ring you up anymore, they just send lovely postcards. mine has a picture of a smiling hyena and says "you're never too young to floss".
can you be too old to floss? ben?

anyway the dentist scares me. not the dentist herself, she is lovely. it is more when they numb my mouth and i can feel all the chemicals go in and every time i am sure that i will never be able to sing again..

also scary is how much it all costs. i live in constant terror that one day i may have to pay for a whole new mouth of teeth.. and it doesn't seem to matter how much you brush either (if children are reading this don't listen to me it is all lies you must brush and floss twice a day it is good for you). i brush me lots, and i can't remember it having the slightest effect on how unimpressed the dentist is when she looks into your mouth that first time. actually that is the most scary part. that disaproving look, the knowing glance at her assistant that says "obviously hasn't been taking proper care of her oral hygeine."
this hurts. especially because i like to be clean. well, i don't just like it, in fact i tend to overcompensate for other things by being ridiculously clean.

i don't want to go to the dentist. maybe i should just pull all my teeth out and live on smoothies and baby food. mm, existance through a straw...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

quick, someone fetch me a bucket

sometimes i wonder if i could make it come out so far so fast i could disappear.

Monday, May 01, 2006


i didn't think so.
but then it could send me around in circles.

i'm sorry. the hair is not straight anymore. to all my fans: it is twisty again and will probably stay like that. (maybe i found some of that sense.)