chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

impressed but sometimes not

20 and eleven twelfths today!

oh that's right.

i am impressed with how 'twelfths' has one vowel and seven consonants.

also i am impressed with the decor of banks, 'gone' by switchfoot, and my very own brand new calendar to put next to my bed (no more madly trying to remember what day it is).

i am not impressed that the mouse (i call him alex) escaped the kitchen and its mouse traps only to be brutally murdered by my stupid brother and his bb gun. people can be very mean sometimes.

(fix it!)

Thursday, April 20, 2006


- pether got his t-shirt! "it reminds me of me!"
- huggies has fangs
- my big brother paul got me an excellent uni games sweatshirt. makes me feel grown up and sporty.
- my little (big) brother michael put word and sibelius on my laptop and fixed it so that i can watch scrubs in bed. mm, scrubs..bed
- haven't seen mister welsch in awhile it seems. i hope he hasn't self destructed.
- expedition force!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!
- my cat is cute.
- there are lots and lots of people that i like a lot. one of them is teri. teri is a most excellent and lovely lady.
- there is a mouse somewhere in the kitchen and someone has put all these horrible death traps of death around the floor. maybe i need to establish some sort of sanctuary where condemned mice can escape to.
- i am currently writing my birthday list. so you'd better be nice to me.
- i saw david gray on tuesday!! he is fantastic and so very gorgeous because he is shy and has a lovely accent.
- i sat next to a scary lady who told me to stop moving in my seat and kept complaining that the concert was too long.
- me and rose stood up and danced anyway.
- today i got to dance with jakob! that boy certainly has the moves. just like his old man.
- we're the exhibitionist force!
- i think i have two assignments due on monday. golly.
- i have a new job working for veteran's affairs. it is nice there but it really makes me appreciate what a wonderful "boss" sarah is and how much i miss seeing her everyday :(
- hey sarah want to do lunch?
- my feet are smelly today. it worries me.
- today i actually considered entering nz idol for a good 30 seconds. yes, i am scared too. somebody shake me!
- Jesus, you're my superhero, you're a star! my best friend!
- ooh and i checked out the nz idol audition form and one of the actual bits you have to fill in is "who are your idols?" it made me giggle. and wonder briefly if it was worth entering just so i could have words with the form.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


tessa is back home and very happy to be here! she is a lot better than she was, from the sound of it the vet was expecting the worst and was a bit surprised by her turn around.
so... thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts :) it really meant a lot to me.

Monday, April 10, 2006


my lovely, beautiful sweet darling cat, tessa is very sick. we had to leave her at the vet where they have put her on a drip because she is severly dehydrated, she is having trouble walking and she won't eat. the vet says something could be wrong with her kidneys but we won't know anything until she gets blood test results. basically, it is likely that this could lead to the worst... i do not want to lose my gorgeous little girl.
please, please pray for her.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


as opposed to downset?