chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

dear sir-madam

i really like surveys. you know, the ones where someone rings you up and says "dear sir-madam this is kylie from something researching and would it be ok if i ask you some questions it will only take a moment of your time"

i am never home when these people ring, which sucks. or when i am they only want to speak to the cheif income earner which i am not. though i do earn income, sometimes. and if i had a good costume i could totally be a cheif. with a hat. in like hats.

anyway the best thing about surveys is that for a few minutes you have someone's undivided attention while you rant on about what your opinion is (kind of like a blog, except they come to you), and afterwards they THANK you for it. and you get to feel like you have helped your country in some small way. either that or you have helped some international corporation earn more money, but i try not to think about that.

i finally got to do a survey yesterday, it was very exciting. i talked to a very nice lady and she wanted to ask me about non-alcoholic cold beverages. i told her that that was right up my ally. she asked me how many people in my house buy cold beverages and then what age group i was in. but when she found out that i was 20-24 we could not continue, cos turns out "sorry, that age group is full at the moment. can i call you back next week?"

i don't get it. why will it not be full next week? does anyone know?

Monday, October 17, 2005

not procrastinating

i have been compiling a list of english words which contain no vowels:
skyth (is this a word?)

however all of them do contain the letter y.
this upsets me.
does anyone know any english words with no vowels or y's?
or just words with no vowels too. i will add them to my list.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

in which the natalie succumbs

today i received an official telling off for not having posted in ages.
which is true.

i'm sorry guys. it's just that because most of my time and effort goes into maintaining this fabulous facade i have little time left for you, my loyal fans.

i wonder if i spent less time on my facade if i would even need a facade.

it makes you think.
as do mirrors.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

impended doom

i was right, the doom certainly did impend.

one thing i can say about doom though, it is very predictable. it impended pretty much how i expected it to.

is doom really just another form of numen?
i am very angry with the numen right now.