chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Friday, August 31, 2007

i made a fruit smoothie!!

it is: awesome.

first i put in some frozen mixed berries that i found in the freezer.

then i put in a banana. (i don't usually like bananas but they are good for you and they are okay when they are in a smoothie.)

then i mixed them up, i worked out how to use the blender and everything!

then i put in some apple juice and two golden kiwifruit. finally, i squeezed in half a lemon.

the result?

perfection, in a cup. i even found a green straw to drink it with!
(everything tastes better with a straw.)

other good things about today:
- yay! the weather is beautiful today! and all the birds are out! i like birds.
- i was just in town and all the kids from the montessori schools were doing a walk for water in niger and they were so cute and i got to wave to them.
- i got to see huggies. she is totally cool. and she bought me chocolate!
- also my chickens are cute. i just let them out for the afternoon and now they are having lots of fun stomping around the garden and mucking about in the dirt.
- tonight i get to go to girl group and then maybe to the rongotai college production! w00t!!! God is good!!

song of the day:

broken, by jack johnson (verse 1)

with everything ahead of us we left everything behind,
(but nothing that we needed - at least, not at this time)
and now the feeling that i'm feeling - well,
it's feeling like my life is finally mine.
with nothing to go back to, we just continue to drive.
without you i was broken, but i'd rather be broke down with you by my side.

Monday, August 06, 2007

i think i am allergic to calories.

every time i eat them, i swell up.