chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i found a photo of me walking through a door.

because i haven't posted in awhile, here is what i have been up to:
- got a kitten. chloe. (she is cute. but she is not tessa.)
- went to summer wine. (it was aaaaawesome.)
- went to parachute. (it was dusty.)
- went to work. (last day tomorrow.)
- went to the beach. (quite a few times actually).

here is what i am going to do soon:
- start my DipTchg (Secondary)
- throw a hen's party
- be a bridesmaid for Melissa and Michael's wedding
- kick off a new year of youth group
- prepare to see Jars of Clay (FINALLY) on Easter Saturday.

cool. sounds exciting. that is what i wanted.

for more information on most of these events, see huggies' blog. she is far more on to it than i am.