chocolate is stupid

well, it is.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

i'm back!

sorry about the ridiculous lack of posts, i have been house sitting and haven't had access to a computer.

i really quite liked house sitting. if anyone needs their house sat, i'm your girl :)
i got to live with a totally cute and gorgeous cat (though not quite as good as my tessa) called sam. he was very friendly and cuddly. and on saturday (just when i was about to leave the house to sing at charmaine and simon's wedding) he brought me a wee mouse. i must say it was an incredibly charming mouse, even though it did make me chase after it under fridges and ovens for a good hour or so.. it is now living happily somewhere in michelle's backyard :)

other excellent things about house sitting:
- bike! i got to ride a bike around lyall/island/owhiro bays, it was beautiful. i don't know why i haven't thought of riding a bike before now..
- being close to church, the beach, a playground, the bus stop.
- getting out of bed in the morning and stumbling to the bathroom in my pyjamas.
- nice organised systems - i had a laundry system, a cleaning system, an ironing system, a newspaper system, and a leaving things in a place and not finding them moved somewhere else system.
- being able to get home late without people worrying. well, it is nice to have people worrying but, just for a little while, nice to not have to worry if other people are worrying.
- awesome things that i got to do while house sitting - round the bays walk, phono concert, bike riding, helping jamie, lloyd, dave and alastair move into their flat, gate crashing their flat, meeting up with cool people for lunch, getting to work up in the bell tower of the cathedral and play quasimodo..

all that said, i am really quite pleased to be home again. i missed my family and my cat very much, and it is nice to have company and people worrying again :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

you know what else is stupid?

too many things going through your head all at once.

makes you want to go to bed and hide. the problem with hiding being, of course, that you can't hide from thoughts. what we need is some kind of magic pill that makes you stop thinking for a while.

i sort the things in my head into 6 categories:

- admin
- worrying (actually this kind of comes under admin)
- the song/s currently stuck in my head (at the moment it is hi5 opposites attract combined with juliagrace wrapped in plastic)
- crazy thoughts that come from nowhere perceptable - maybe impendia ("i need to sing natalie cole - no, wait, i AM natalie cole!" "dun dada dun dada dun dada shiny scalple! dun dada dun dada dun dada dun gonna slice him up!" "she looked at me - she must hate me!" "she hasn't looked at me - she must hate me!" "maybe if i leave now i can get to the circus by sunday" "the rats are fine"
- maths and working things out - this category usually combines with admin
- the stuff that isn't from my head. *

i think there might be more categories, there must be more things that i think about.. i will let you know.

*you will be pleased to know that this list was written to msd national directory standards

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


this is a post about peter.

apart from being ridiculously good looking with lovely long blond locks that seem to dance in the breeze, dr williamson is incredibly humble and wise. he is especially wise in his dealings with women: PAs, wives, you name it, he knows how to put them in their place. and they all love him for it - what woman could resist his manly charm?

he doesn't like to boast and would never admit to this himself, but peat is a wonder with the small children. he selflessly gave them a valuable lesson in the consequences of bribery while we were at summer wine, and he is able to reuse his talks with such finesse that the children don't even realise that they are hearing the same thing twice.

oh pether, you deserve so much more attention than we give you. quick, pay attention to pete before he feels left out. it is such a hassle for him when he has to go to the effort of drawing attention to himself by his own sparkling humour and witty repartee.

(DISCLAIMER: the above was intended as gentle mockery of our good friend pete and is in no way intended to be offensive or nasty. mainly just to give him attention cos i knew he wanted it :) we luv ya, buddy)